1. HHF's iron pipe mould products mainly includes Centrifugal ductile cast pipe mould, Plain end pipe mould,forging pipe mould,etc.

2.We are able to provide complete machining services such as boring, milling, turning, grinding,drilling, welding and fabrication. Usually the product is made according to your drawing or requirements.

3. The details of centrifugal ductile cast iron pipe mould,hot products for drainage system as follows:

1.Material: 21CrMo10



4.We provide Mill certificate, includes Chemical compostition, Mechnical properties, UT test, MPI  test etc



Pipe Mould

Pipe Mould

Pipe Mould


If you have any suggestions or opinions about our products,please leave a message,and we will immediately answer your questions. Thanks for your support.

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